This is my favorite feature of Inner Circles. You know how LinkedIn notifies you when one of your Connections likes, comments, or shares your post? Of course, LinkedIn also notifies your Connections when you like, comment, or share of their posts. Inner Circles does this even better.

When you like, comment, share or email one of your Inner Circle’s posts, they will get an email that Friday around 11am Eastern, featuring you (photo & name). It’s a summary email of engagement:┬áIt also features other Inner Circle users who have engaged that Connection’s posts [you may not know them]. Inner Circles also puts an email link so that your VIP can thank you directly.

Of course recipients can opt out (footer link) or benefit from Inner Circles because of you. It’s a great way for active LinkedIn members to see who’s engaging with their posts (you!). It’s a great way for you to stay top-of-mind, reminding your VIP that you care about them and what they post on LinkedIn.

All you have to do is engage with one of their posts each week. If you don’t engage with their posts, you won’t be featured in the Engagement Email. (If no Inner Circles users engages a Connection’s posts that week, then that Connection won’t get an Engagement Email.)

See an example of how it looks:

Engagement Email (Example)